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Ogrish.com was a shock site that contained pictures of domestic incidents such as car crashes, murders, and various other accidents.They have some VERY horrifying content. The media hosted on Ogrish.com was a large amount of beheading videos straight from the ongoing Iraq War, other conflicts, and acts of terror.. They also have images and videos from the deaths of the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster in South Asia. Due to the nature of the content of Ogrish.com, it had been banned in Germany.

However they do have a good reason for being on the net. There site can teach you about the horrors of the world and to be agianst President Bush and his stupid war. The beheading videos and images of the war hosted on Ogrish.com mainly do this. But, this site can also desencitize you and basically make you immune to exoerience an actual death. One thing that you can learn from Ogrish, is that life is short and that death is common. That death is just another part of life and that it WILL happpen to you eventually. It's just the way these people died that's what's wrong.

 Overall, Ogrish is and isn't a good site. People who like death and vile stuff, love Ogrish.com. However, morally decent people hate the site.

Ogrish.com was incorporated into LiveLeak.com on Oct 31st 2006.

WWW.OGRISH.COM funny video

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